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About Us

About Canine Comprehension

Meet Our Team - Passionate Professionals Creating Positive Learning Environments!

We are a dedicated group of allied health professionals, social workers, and educators who share a common vision - to foster more balanced and positive approaches to learning, resulting in calmer classrooms and healthier communities.

At Canine Comprehension, we understand dogs' incredible power to engage and connect with people, which is well-documented. Our animal-assisted interventions are designed to make a positive impact in various areas. We can improve behavioural issues, enhance emotional well-being, alleviate anxiety related to learning difficulties, and provide crucial support for young individuals on the autism spectrum. Additionally, we are here to lend a helping hand to students who require extra support to unlock their full potential in education.

Based in both Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, Canine Comprehension offers dog-assisted learning interventions. With our passionate and experienced team, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of students and creating thriving learning environments. Join us on this incredible journey toward more balanced and positive learning experiences!