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Caring with canines

Caring with canines

Author: Kristy Porter

Teacher Sarah Macdonald discovered her love of learning later in life, but she always loved dogs. She has combined these loves to launch Canine Comprehension, a company that brings therapy dogs to schools to interact with children.  

Sarah uses therapy dogs to help young people get to a place where they are ready to learn, something she would have appreciated during her time at school.

“When I was a kid, I often hated being in the classroom. I found schoolwork difficult, boring and often pointless. I became even more frustrated when I did try to excel, as I would still receive average marks and was often left wondering what was the point of trying?” she said.

“After I left high school I scraped into university and studied an arts degree in history and politics. Through failure, persistence, some great tutors and time I started to learn how to learn. I started to learn how to write well. I started getting better marks and developed some self-belief. It dawned on me that although learning comes naturally to some kids, others need more help. Some kids need to be taught how to learn.”

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