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Have you met: Chachka and Jovana

Have you met: Chachka and Jovana

Chachka is a 3 year old mixed breed dog who makes many of our students smile, feel more comfortable at school and encouraged to learn. Jovana, our Tutor rescued Chachka from ‘Starting Over Dog Rescue’ in February 2016. She was found wandering the streets pregnant when she was only one year old.

We took a moment to interview Jovana about her team mate at Canine Comprehension, Chachka. Chachka loves cuddles, scratches on her lower back, other dogs, fluffy toys, treats and the beach.

How did you get involved with tutoring at Canine Comprehension? 

I saw an advertisement for tutors online and I couldn’t let this wonderful opportunity pass me by, so I applied. I remember the day Sarah (Director of Canine Comprehension) called to tell me that she would like me to join her team, it was my birthday!

What is the best part of tutoring with Canine Comprehension?

I am able to help students learn new skills that will help them now and into the future (with the help of Chachka, of course), and that brings me a lot of joy. Also, being able to have my dog Chachka by my side as a work colleague is pretty special. 

Are there any difficulties you face working as a tutor?

At times I am faced with challenges, especially working in groups or with students with additional needs. Sometimes I need to change the way I do things, and that’s okay, we are always learning.

What have you learnt about your therapy dog, Chachka throughout your tutoring?

I have learnt that Chachka has a lot of love to give and she loves to talk!

What has been your most memorable moment as a Canine Comprehension tutor?

Every time I see a student having fun learning! I am lucky enough to see that often and that is why I love what I do.