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Hibernating for Term 3

Hibernating for Term 3

Dear wonderful clients and supporters of our work,

Now that Melbourne has entered a new phase of Stage Three Restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, my hopes of face to face teaching and support of your young people this term has vanished. It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided to pause all services Canine Comprehension offers for the rest of  term 3, 2020.

Individual tuition & Programs are cancelled for term 3, 2020.

The fact is, the decision to pause our services has been made for us and the “final straw” was the move back to remote learning, the cancellation of many of our programs and the ongoing safety concern of our Canine Comprehension tutors and clients including students, parents, care workers, teachers and guardians.

My heart goes out to all of our staff and clients who have worked with us to keep our ‘head above water’, but the water seems to continue to rise, pausing of our services for the rest of term 3, 2020 is a very painful but necessary decision. 

If you have booked with us for term 3:

  • Your invoice will be cancelled.
  • We will be in contact when the opportunity arises to rebook.
  • We will continue to stay in contact via Newsletters and Facebook posts.

In term 4  I will reevaluate.  We hope to start up either term 4 or 2021  - I hope from the bottom of my heart you will be in a position to rebook with us when the call goes out. 

Thank you for your support and understanding at this difficult time.

Sarah Macdonald | CEO and Founder

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