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Letís talk about cleanliness

Letís talk about cleanliness

Our AAI dogs are in classrooms and homes everyday. Having a dog work around children requires that dog to have the highest standards of training, cleanliness and manners. 

Minnie and Oscar, Sarah’s AAI dogs are seeing three groups of clients today. At Canine Comprehension we have a routine that the dogs go through to make sure they are neat, clean and tidy before every interaction.

Our Process goes something like this:

  1. Brush out the dog's coat.
  2. Wash the dog
  3. Blow-dry the dog.
  4. Trim toenails.
  5. Clean ears.
  6. Brush Teeth
  7. Brush out the dog's coat.
  8. Keep the dog clean before work and between jobs.

It is important to remember that Animal Assisted Intervention dogs are not simply pets brought from one home into another. A great deal of time is put into making sure procedures are in place to provide a professional, clean and safe service to our students.