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New Schedule Structure for Programs

New Schedule Structure for Programs

We are beyond grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our school programs. We realise that people need both reliability and flexibility in our schedule, so we have come up with different ways for your schools to work with our programs. 

You can now choose from:

8 week: 1 x 50 minute session each week, for 8 weeks.

This is the options we have been running for years. It is great for a group that could use the weekly connection with us throughout the entire term.

4 weeks: 2 x 50 minute sessions each week, for 4 weeks.

This option is best for a group that can handle a little more intensive work. Two hours really does go very fast when we work in our learning goals, mindfulness, dog training and other fun - so it's best of both worlds, 4 weeks of consistency and a longer time with the students each week.

2 weeks: 4 x 50 minute sessions each week, for 2 weeks. 

This options works for a school who has a busy calendar and would find it difficult to schedule for weeks on end. We run the same program in this time frame (8 hours), however as a two session workshop. The students learn a range a skills due to the intensive nature, and then are able to consolidate their learning with our followup session. 

All options:

  • Deliver 8 sessions to the group
  • Run consecutively
  • Start and finish within the same term
  • 10 students maximum

Individual Tutoring

Is still a big favourite with many families, case workers, teachers and students themselves. We have made no changes to these as we make sure each session is tailored to the individuals needs. For more information on individualised tutoring for your young person, please contact us.

You can find more information about our services by clicking on these links:


Best wishes for a super start to the term.