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Our thoughts on relationship building with our students

Our thoughts on relationship building with our students

Relationship building is a core ethic of ours that ensures Canine Comprehension tutors are investing in the relationships of their students and caregivers to best achieve shared goals.

Positive relationships between tutors and students are among the most commonly cited variables associated with effective teaching practices. If the relationship is strong, instructional strategies seem to be more effective. Because our ultimate goal is to ensure positive student learning experiences, building bonds and fostering positive relationships is an impactful, and relatively simple way to do so.

Our tutors have described how they build relationships, some examples include:

  • “Listen tentatively to my students and ask relevant questions to let them know I really am listening.”
  • “It can be a gradual process, I try to find out about their interests and encourage them to explain them to me.”
  • “I talk about my dog, his life, his strengths and struggles. This helps my students identify with and have common ground with my dog.”
  • “Remember their names, their interests, their stories - so when I ask about them in the next session they feel heard and valued.”
  • “I play games, try to have fun and enjoy each other's company.”

The brilliant fact is that along with our understanding of interpersonal relationships, our young people are far more interested in building relationships with us because of the happy presence of our therapy dogs. Research has shown that dogs can reduce stress and provide a sense of connection during difficult times, and the prevalence of our therapy dogs and tutors have improved many kids' lives and approach to their education.

Feel free to contact us if you would wish to refer a young person to us.