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Try Animal Assisted Education online!

Online Animal Assisted Education

Many parents are wondering how to minimise the emotional impact the pandemic is having in a way that will be reassuring and not make kids more frightened. We believe the most effective & responsible way Canine Comprehension can care for the community, has been to go online.

Through online sessions we continue to:

  • engage
  • educate
  • create community
  • include our amazing dog’s in sessions

Have your child work with us online & continue the human animal bond.

1 hour session $150 (including GST)
25 minute session $75 (including GST)

Some of our activities:

  • Online games as an opportunity to discuss worries
  • Dog training to practice online, verbal communication
  • Museum and zoo visits around the world, helping young people visit the world from home
  • School tutoring and homework help
  • Dog games and agility courses to practice online, verbal communication
  • Mindfulness and meditation to teach coping skills for anxiety

NDIS Information

Clients may be able to use their NDIS funds under certain circumstances.  The child's plan needs to be either Self Managed or Plan Managed by a Financial intermediary - it cannot be NDIS Plan Managed.

If the child's plan is self managed or plan managed by a financial intermediary they would need funds in the area of Community Participation & Supports under the Core Supports component or they would need funds under CB Daily activity funding where we may be able to claim under a therapy service. A minimum of 10 sessions are required.

We are happy to assist you in navigating NDIS eligibility. 

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