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Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

We give people hope. Hope that inclusive schooling and communities can be functional. Hope that kids wont be left behind because they are ‘too naughty’ / 'not attending' or their problems and their behaviour are just ‘too hard’. Hope that kids at risk and school refusers have another option and another way to participate.

We offer a wider perspective on what is possible through the use of dogs as a tool for change. Canine Comprehension sessions are led by a passionate group of people who are highly qualified professionals. We offer a new way of building calmer classrooms, happier young people that is built on evidence based strategies and outcomes.

We change kids' lives. We are not just saying that! Through our programs, kids grow in empathy and social skills and learning outcomes. But it’s really about seeing them grow in confidence and learning and life skills to allow them to fully participate in school and in life.

When we can deliver a student with learning readiness. We are supporting children, teachers, parents and all players to maintain a place for safe and engaged learners.

Don’t wait for the last resort – we know there are benefits in early intervention and the cumulative effect of calmer classrooms.

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