Canine Comprehension Club- Supporting children, teachers and parents in the educational space

Extended sessions for participants

Extended sessions for participants

A relaxed way for participants to extend their experience

Our Canine Comprehension Club was designed as a reaction to feedback from our students, that they would love to hang out with us more!

It gives the student the opportunity to be in a small, intimate group who require extra time to learn new skills. Our Canine Comprehension Club is a great way to allow flexibility for the tutors to respond to how the students are feeling. Our Canine Comprehension Club will help the student to gain a feeling of calm, so they can walk back into the classroom with a positive mindset.

Canine Comprehension Club has several options to choose from. We will work with you to discover which option would be the most beneficial for your school/ class:

  • 50 minute mindfulness session
  • 50 minutes of emotional space where the student can just hang out with our therapy dogs and give them love and attention. This helps to relieve stress and help the student forget about any negative thoughts or feelings they may be experiencing
  • 50 minute training session. This is an active session of learning about dogs and giving a little back. The students will learn about dog safety, how to teach obedience and even a trick or two!


Who can become a member?

Any student that is already working with us or who the school identifies would benefit from extra time with our tutors and therapy dogs. Our Club sessions run concurrently to the in-class program throughout the term. The school can nominate each week which students will participate (as long as the required permission form have been completed)

Please fill out the permission form.


Our Club sessions can be run concurrently with your booked classroom session. We just extend your school session time by 50 minutes after your normal classroom program.

Once you have booked your Club session you can invite any students who your school has recognised would benefit from this extra, more intimate session.

How many students?

Up to 10 students with one staff member helping our tutors.

Who is it for? This service can be used for both primary and secondary students who are already working with us, or students who school staff identify as requiring some dog therapy.  They are welcome to come on a casual basis, as long as their permission form has been signed.

When does it take place? Staff are welcome to book these sessions at times when one of our tutors are already coming to your school.  We will extend their time and allow the tutor to run the additional session.
For example: Betty, the tutor, teaches the 'Communication on the Inside and Out' program at Attadale College on Mondays from 10 - 11am. The school may be able to book a CCC session from 11.20 - 12.00 on Mondays and invite other students to take part.

What is the cost? $181.00 per session plus a $22 flexi charge.

How many kids can we include? Up to 10 students. Please note: we will require at least one staff member to sit in on the session.

How does this relate to Private Tutoring cancellations? If the young person we had booked cancels, we are able to use this session time for another young person (or group of young people) as long as they have had the parent permission form signed.

Canine Comprehension Club Cancellations

There may be times when a young person has not shown up their scheduled session.  The paying client has the option to use this time for Caning Comprehension Club instead.  Please read about this option in the Canine Comprehension Club document.

Submitting a Change Request

The client will need to submit a request to change the time or day of a session via email to This must be done 5 business days prior to the scheduled session. We cannot guarantee that the change will be possible, this will depend on the tutors availabilities. It is unlikely that we will be able to change the session unless there is 5 business days notice. 

To enrol a young person into CCC fill in the below form.

Fill in one form for each student.  You will then be sent confirmation of the student's enrolment into the club and the student will be put on our list.  They are then able to join in any of the CCC activities we hold at your school.

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