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Professional Case Study

Professional Case Study

This story is based on a real case, and we have changed the names in order to maintain privacy.

“You could never describe working with school refusers as a one-size-fits-all, you have to keep trying until you see you are effecting a change.”

Peter had tried everything and was looking for a new resource, a new way to approach this student.  That’s when a colleague suggested Canine Comprehension.

From the first conversation he knew that they had an understanding of trauma-based backgrounds. This impressed and as they listened to his case and applied their knowledge and experience he felt hopeful that they might be a part of finding a way to help start a relationship with this student. A step to getting her back to school. It started with one visit to the student’s home.

What Peter saw was an ability to interact positively with at risk kids and giving him options and tools when all else had failed. The skills training and grounding also made it safer for social workers and students and families. Canine Comprehension go further to be part of the care team by being a part of the individualised learning plans for each student. This takes care and a flexible, individualised approach.

Peter is a convert. He believes that the foundation of their success is that they provide a grounded and safe space. They work together with the team to build an individualized learning plan and then use the safe space to support each student and teach them socialisation and mindfulness skills. They are flexible and diligent in their planning and execution. For his school, they can also show that they are trying different things to assist in the individualised learning plan for students.

The proof for Peter is in the results. Canine Comprehension were able to be part of the solution that took a student who hadn’t attended school for 18 months to now having full time attendance for 2 years.  The impact on this for the student, her family, her care team and the school are impressive.

Peter has now worked with Canine Comprehension with a number of students over many years and he has seen this work time and again. The students feel special and look forward to being involved, it’s often the highlight of their week. The impact of this is increased attendance, class time and a better learning and social environment for everyone in the school. The impact goes beyond the learning for the individual student as the teacher and other students also benefit from a calmer environment.

Peter knows that the Canine Comprehension Individualised Care Program is key.  

  • The preparation of getting to know the case and care team and triggers.
  • The structured program with defined outcomes
  • A highly qualified tutor to implement and improve the program and communicate with others on the team
  • A qualified dog as a key tool to access the students
  • Timely reports and reviews so that they partner together to get the results each student needs

Canine Comprehension are perfect for helping kids get ready to attend a classroom, by taking small steps and having the safety of being with the tutor and dog, it increases their ability to feel more connected with the school and with education. 

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