Cost & NDIS

Costs & NDIS

One on One Tutoring Investment

One on One tutoring is $181.00 per session (inc. GST)

School Program Investment 

Based on a total of 8 students per 8-week program (inc. GST)

Program:  Communication on the Inside and out 
Investment: $2660.00 

Program:  Friendship & Responsibility 
Investment: $2660.00

Program: What we have Lost 
Investment:  $2660.00 

Program: Transition Program 
Investment:  $2660.00

Breakdown of investment, including GST 

8-week program 

Per Student total $332.50 

Total upfront cost $2660.00 

Canine Comprehension Club

Canine Comprehension Club (weekly) as a supplement to one of our 8 week programs is $181.00 + $22.00 per session (inc. GST)

NDIS Information

Clients may be able to use their NDIS funds under certain circumstances.  The child's plan needs to be either Self Managed or managed by a Financial intermediary - it cannot be NDIS Plan Managed.

If the childs plan is self managed or managed by a financial intermediary they would need funds in the area of Community Participation & Supports under the Core Supports component or they would need funds under CB Daily activity funding where we may be able to claim under a therapy service. A minimum of 10 sessions are required.

We are happy to assist you in navigating NDIS eligibility. Book a chat with us today.

Why Raise Money for our programs?

You are not alone: Every school in Australia Feels under funded.

  • 83% of schools engage in fundraising.
  • 90% of schools who fundraise say it’s ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for their budgets.
  • Only 5% of teachers said their school was well-resourced.
  • 65% of teachers said their school was under-resourced.[1]

Fundraising Builds a sense of community.

  • Community events can allow the whole school to have fun and connect while raising funds. It makes for a happier and healthier community.
  • Research shows that having a connection to something bigger than ourselves makes us happier and healthier.[2]

Our Programs create calmer classrooms and happier school teaching staff.

We teach mindfulness, resilience, emotional literacy and other skills to teach students to positively regulate their behaviour. By doing so we create a calmer individual which has a wonderful flow on effect on the classroom, school and family environments. An investment in our programs is an investment in your entire school community.

We work with 'hard to reach' student's focussing on engagement in learning.

With early intervention, we can help students to process the emotions they are currently feeling and help them to understand them in a safe environment. Our highly trained tutors and dogs offer a connection that some children are craving and can help to create surroundings that are conducive to learning.

We are here to help, our suggestions make fundraising easy and fun.
Many schools are looking for fundraising ideas that:

  • Don’t cost parents too much money or time
  • Don’t overburden teachers
  • Still involve a level of community engagement
  • Raise maximum funds for minimum effort

[1] State of the Our Schools’ survey commissioned by the Australia Education Union
[2]  The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)


How to raise money for our programs

Check out 'Schools Plus' - Giving students opportunities to change their own lives.

In consultation with schools and parent associations, Schools Plus has created an online fundraising platform – Fundraise Yourself. This unique platform enables you – schools and parent associations – to conduct your own crowdfunding drive in your community and within your networks. Go to:

Your students may be eligible for the DET 'Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund' (CSEF).

The Victorian Government is investing an additional $160.9 million for the CSEF over the next four years.This funding will help ensure more than 220,000 government and non-government students from lower-income families are able to participate in camps, sports and incursions such as ours. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply.

More more information at Education Victoria's Website

Seek sponsorship from local business, with VIC Gov guidance.

Sponsorship can provide a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and schools. Incoming sponsorship is where an external organisation provides financial or in-kind support for a school initiative or program such as ours. Many business see the benefits of valuing educational incentives for their local community. Sponsorship activities $25,000 and under must be approved by the school council. For further information on the approval process please contact the Strategic Communications Branch, Communications Division, by email: