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Dog for a Day

Dog for a Day

Discover the Joy of Therapy Dogs!

Dog-assisted learning is a unique and powerful approach that schools can explore to enhance their educational environment. "Dog for a Day" offers schools an excellent opportunity to:

  • introduce this innovative concept into your school community.
  • celebrate achievements,
  • boost motivation
  • strengthen community cohesion among students and staff. 

However, we highly recommend considering our comprehensive School Programs for schools seeking to address specific educational goals such as social skill development, mental health focus, and evidence-based curriculum with a solid evaluation process. School programs are designed to provide a structured and tailored approach to harness the full potential of dog-assisted learning within an educational context.

Therapy dogs are not just adorable companions but a valuable resource for schools looking to enhance their students' and staff's physical, physiological, and emotional well-being. The benefits of dog-assisted learning go beyond the immediate joy of interaction, making it a meaningful and evidence-based approach to improving the school community's overall quality of life and mental health.

We accomodate your needs:

  • Whole year, semester and term options.
  • Part Day - 3 hours
  • Full Day - 6 hours
  • Multi Days

Activity Focus:

Important information:

  • Maximum of 10 students in groups.
  • Sessions can be either 30 minutes or a full hour
  • Dogs will need a quick 5-10 minute break every hour
  • The school is responsible for the supervision of the students.
  • The Mentor and Dog will need to be set up in 1 location within the school for the day as students come to that location to meet the mentor and dog.
  • The Mentor and dog will take breaks during the school's recess and lunch breaks, so please keep this in mind when organising the small group sessions for the day.

The 10-student limit has been carefully chosen to ensure the following:

Engagement: Smaller groups allow for a more personalised and engaging experience for each student. It allows them to have meaningful interactions with our therapy dog, creating a memorable and educational encounter.

Effective Classroom Management: Managing a smaller group is significantly more manageable, ensuring that the session runs smoothly and productively for students and our canine companion.

Delivery of Content: With limited participants, we can effectively deliver the session's intended content and educational aspects. This ensures that every child benefits from the experience.

Safety: Safety is paramount for both the children and our therapy dog. In larger groups, the potential for chaos and unpredictable behaviour increases, which can compromise the safety of all involved.

Our experience has shown that running larger groups can disrupt the school community, leading to chaotic situations that are challenging to manage. 

Our primary goal is to provide students with a positive and valuable experience. If you require any additional details, please do not hesitate to contact us.