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School Program Tutor

Donna is a qualified Social Worker with over 25 years of experience in child and family therapy within Australia, Papua New Guinea and China.  In particular,  Donna has focused her skill-sets in the areas of play therapy, trauma informed, and cultural responsiveness practice.  A systemic and collaborative approach underpins Donna's therapeutic process with her service users, empowering them to make the positive life changes they seek.

​Donna has facilitated animal assisted therapy with Coco and Cookie at several schools in the Dandenong Area. Coco and Cookie are 4-year-old Cocker Spaniels who enjoy coming to school with her. She has incorporated both dogs into numerous sessions with children who have experienced issues related to attachment, trauma, disengagement, emotional regulation and defiance. Donna is able to correlate her dogs’ behaviours and personalities with the student’s, thus incorporating animal assisted therapy into their learning and/or therapeutic plans.