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​​ Grief & Loss

Session Focus

Learning Intention


My rights, my dog’s rights

Learn about our Canine Comprehension tutor and their AAI dog, the program, and our rights and responsibilities. Self-reflect on our current feelings towards school, emotional literacy, communication skills and connections to school and peers.


The Sad Book Emotions- what to do with them

Learn about the range of emotions we can feel in grief and which emotions are harder to manage than others. Learn that our grief can make us act in strange ways sometimes.


The Sad Book: Helping others find happiness 

Learn that sharing happy memories is one way we can remember happy times and manage our grief.


Let’s talk, let’s learn, let’s play

Learn that grief is exhausting and it is important that we are looking after ourselves. Learn about our own and others' experiences with grief.


The Memory Tree: Who represents Fox?

Learn about how others react when they lose a loved one and the strategies they use to help their grief.


The Memory Tree: Let’s create our own

Learn that grief is different for everyone and we all express our grief in different ways. Remember our loved ones.


Let’s create a support system

Learn about how grief changes but doesn’t go away and that there are many strategies and people to support us during our sad times.


Let’s celebrate and reflect 

Self-reflect on our current feelings, towards school, emotional literacy and communication skills and connections to school and peers, now having completed the program. Create a place to remember our loved ones at school.

A Success Story

Working with a child who has a moderate to severe intellectual disability

James attends a special development school and has a moderate to severe intellectual disability, paired with a rare genetic disorder which presents as severe episodes.

James has shown continued improvement in his emotional regulation and has been engaging in more programs on a regular basis. He is expressing himself using verbal language more consistently and often asks when he will be seeing the dog again.