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Podcast - Remarkable Pets

On their second episode, they had Sarah MacDonald –  the Director of Canine Comprehension.

"These guys take dogs in the schools to creating positive and focused learning for children.

Sarah’s has a Masters in Teaching and she recognised taking obedient dogs into classrooms can help students learn.

Teaching thing like self awareness, tools for lowering their anxiety around learning, staying focus and being mindfulness. It can be great for kids that struggle with motivation or don’t naturally enjoy learning.

Apparently, this is a world first, so we couldn’t wait to speak with Sarah.

We’ll also hare about Sarah’s own dog Minnie, an 8 year old Doberman / Ridgeback cross – who was the inspiration behind Canine Companion.  Whilst now retired from active duty, Minnie was a rescue from the Lost Dogs Home, who became a qualified Therapy Dog.

Learn how Sarah and her team of good dogs bring the joy of learning back into the classroom through positive doggy interactions."