School Program Tutor

Jasmin has a background in social work and health science, with experience working predominantly in the fields of homelessness and mental health. Jasmin has a beautiful border collie named ‘Lucy’ who began visiting nursing homes with Jasmin when she was eight months old. Jasmin’s passion for Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) began here observing the magic of what the presence of a dog could bring to others and how valuable that was. This developed from a voluntary role into a small business that the pair continued for the next three years.

Jasmin has worked in a specialist school as a teacher’s aide, here discovering her interest in working with younger people. In the same year the pair stepped into the Responsible Pet Ownership Program, enjoying teaching children in kindergartens and schools about dog safety and responsible pet ownership. More recently Jasmin has experienced the accomplishment of introducing AAT into a public mental health service as an addition to her existing role in an aged community mental health team. With the organisation recognising the value in AAT for clients and staff alike Jasmin and Lucy attended the office together most days of the week, visited the aged inpatient psychiatric unit and worked alongside individuals in the community. Jasmin is thrilled to be joining Canine Comprehension with Lucy to pursue the next exciting chapter in their careers