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Tutoring sessions with therapy dogs

Tutoring sessions with therapy dogs

Happy students, measurable outcomes.

During each private tuition session, our tutor, with encouragment from their therapy dog, works through pre-determined learning goals while building a relationship of respect and trust with the student. This relationship goes a long way with helping the young person overcome limiting beliefs and anxiety about learning. The student's mental health wellbeing improves and they build a  passion for their education.

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What is covered in sessions?

  • Student learning outcomes are addressed in innovative and fun ways.
  • Mindfulness exercises support young people's internal growth.
  • Effective study techniques help kids make the most out of their homework time.
  • Interpersonal skills allows young people confidently relate to others.

How do I book?

Filling in the below form will start the referral process and our admin team will be in contact.  We often have a waiting list. Priority will be given to those who have submitted the forms, rather than simply made contact with us.

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Student transfer to new tutor

It is normal in Canine Comprehension for students to be transferred to a new tutor. This usually occurs at the commencement of a new term and may be due to the previous tutor finishing up with the company, tutor leave or timetable clash.  We understand that such situations can trigger feelings of anxiety, helplessness, abandonment and loss in our young people. We acknowledge this is particularly significant for people who already have experience of traumatic loss. In case of student transfer to new tutor, you can expect the current tutor to:

  • Let the student know, face to face at least two weeks before sessions end.

  • If they know the new tutor, the current tutor will talk to the student about the new tutor and their dog.

Closure of services for a client

Closure of our services for a student can occur in situations, including when the learning goals of the referral have been achieved, when funding is no longer available, when clients decide to move on. We understand that such situations can trigger feelings of anxiety, helplessness, abandonment and loss in our young people. We acknowledge this is particularly significant for people who already have experience of traumatic loss. In the case where closure of our services are anticipated, you can expect the tutor will:

  • We will let the student know of anticipated closure at least two weeks before the sessions cease; when possible.

  • The tutor and student will celebrate achievements.

  • The tutor will give the student a CC Mascot to remember us by.

Individual private tutoring cancellations

We understand that there are times when the young person must miss an appointment due to emergencies, COVID Isolation or other obligations.  To avoid cancellation fees Canine Comprehension requires a minimum of 12 business hours notice.  It is the responsibility of the primary contact to inform Canine Comprehension of the cancellation  within this time window to avoid being charged.  Should the appointment not be cancelled within this time frame, full fees apply to the unused session. 

The client or representative must text 0421 490 188 and fill in the cancellation form to avoid being charged for the session.

Cancellation form 

If a young person is late to their scheduled appointment, the missed time will be forfeited. If a student arrives more than 30 minutes late the tutor is unable to begin that session. Clients will be charged at the commencement of the session.

Change of session

We cannot guarantee that a change will be possible, this will depend on the tutors availability. If the change is possible the client will be charged a $22.00 flexi charge to cover administration costs.

Late fees and further action

After a period of time, if an account is still outstanding, the debt will be transferred to debt recovery professionals or legal action may be commenced immediately adding legal costs to the account. If this account remains unsettled, substantial further charges for interest, recovery and legal costs will be sought and may be awarded by the court against the debtor.  

What Parents/Carers Say About Individual Tutoring

Sarah brings together her passions and vibrance for her work with young people coupled with an outstanding ability to train dogs a therapeutic aids.  The clients Sarah has been working with have complex behavioural and socioemotional requirements.  

The unique idea of incorporating dog assisted therapy and children's educational needs has served our clients well through weekly tutroing in their homes.

- Anonymous Carer, Berry Street, residential care home.

Dogs a therapeutic aids