Our Story

Our Story

Canine Comprehension was envisioned through the personal experience of Sarah, who is the owner and director.

Sarah’s own journey of education was difficult as a child and through university. Even though she strived for excellence- she could never understand how she needed to learn. It wasn’t until her passion for teaching lead her abroad where she witnessed how other cultures successfully taught a range of children’s needs. 

She began to link her two joys, teaching and her beloved dogs. Sarah noticed that her own feeling of calmness was heightened when she interacted with her animals. This is how she began to understand the natural benefits of combining animals with children in a learning environment.

Sarah and her team are passionate about the benefits of animal assisted support to help children be the best they can be. Their vision is ingrained in what they do every day: to provide accessible support to young people through dog assisted learning.

The team also strive to follow their mission: supporting those who love and care for young people by delivering student centred approaches which inspire learning.

Canine Comprehension have developed such a depth of trust in the community they have been recognised through several awards, including:

Whilst Sarah is also the chair for Victoria/ Tasmania Animal Therapies board (link).

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