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About Our Team

Who we are:

We are a team of educators, allied health professionals and social workers who help caregivers of young people facing emotional and social challenges to engage positively with their world. Our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals offers understanding and compassionate guidance. Through our comprehensive approach, we create kind and supportive environments that empower both caregivers and young people to thrive.

Our Values have H.E.A.R.T

Helpful: Advocating for our clients is at the core of our approach; we fearlessly speak up on their behalf.

Empathy: Our interactions are characterised by genuine kindness as we strive to create a world where compassion prevails. 

Adaptable: We adapt seamlessly to our client's changing circumstances, ensuring their needs remain our priority.

Reliable:  When we make a promise, we follow through without compromise.

Trustworthy: Our commitment to doing what is right is ingrained in everything we do.

Meet the team