Canine Comprehension Programs

Our team is passionate about the benefits of animal assisted support to help children be the best they can be. Our vision is ingrained in what we do every day: to provide accessible support to young people through dog assisted learning.

We support youth through:

School Programs:  Our programs are delivered to support small groups of young people struggling with connection at school. We have a series of programs that focus on specific needs, however all programs aim to create a positive educational learning space in the school. 

Who are the programs for? Our specially designed programs successfully engage students P-12 who have a broad spectrum of needs and personalities. 

What do we do: Our Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) dogs team up with our educators to run 8 week programs to a group of 8-10 students for 50 minutes per week (or a flexible version).  Each program has specific learning criteria, workbooks, mindfulness resources and a rigorous evaluation process. 

Where and when are programs held: In consultation with your school, we will find the best time and location to fit with the school and students needs.  We usually require a classroom sized space, where tables can be moved and access to an outside area.  We also require a member of the school staff be present for the sessions.

Choose the right schedule for you