Sarah Pic


CEO and Founder of Canine Comprehension

Sarah manages many of the aspects of Canine Comprehension and needs to learn to delegate responsibility! She has a love of learning and enjoys nothing more than encouraging her students to discuss texts and develop their own understanding.  

Sarah is both a Teacher and Professional Dog Trainer.  She has taught English in Australia and overseas. She holds a Ba Arts History/Politics), a Masters in Teaching.  Sarah has been a curriculum developer in secondary schools and adult education for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.  

By being involved in both education and dog training, Sarah saw the opportunity to use obedient dogs to help students learn. Dogs are used by therapists, assisting in the emotional well-being of clients. Dogs are also used in schools to improve reading aloud and create a positive learning environment.  

Sarah saw an opportunity to further explore this concept by teaching students to use dogs as metaphors for the learning process.