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Our program covers a wide range of topics

Our school holiday program is a single day workshop that exposes young people to the responsibility of pet ownership, plus the rewards that can be gained from spending time with a dog and attending to their needs. 

Expected outcomes: Offering a wide variety of activities focussed on the care and love for an animal. The attendees will work on their emotional literacy, mindfulness, kindness and gain a sense of community involvement which will help with their confidence and well-being.


Canine Comprehension will be running School Holiday programs throughout the year.

First section

Dog agility: this first section concentrates on each participant being taught how to create and set up an agility course designed for the therapy dogs. The students are then taught how to work within a team with a dog to successfully complete the course in the fastest time.

Learning outcomes: planning, communication, teamwork and persistence.

Second section

Puppy kitchen: Each student is allowed to choose four treats for their dog team member. (from the range of pre-selected treats available), the students are given the opportunity to discuss why they chose the treats they did and why they would expect the dog to love them. The student who picks the yummiest treats according to their dog team member wins!

Learning outcomes: being able to work within a team as well as finishing a task within given timeframes.

Third section

Just add dog: mediation style session where each student can lie down with their dog team member and focus on the dogs breathing with their eyes closed and learn to retreat into a meditative state.

Learning outcomes- the students learn how to moderate their breath, focus on their breathing and clear their mind to remain in a quiet meditative state for a period of time.

Forth section

Best dressed dog: the students work within a team to design an outfit for their dog team members. They use items that we supply, they then dress their dog teammate, ensuring the dog stays happy and feeling safe.

Learning outcomes- Listening to one another, working as a team, being creative, being sensitive towards the dog team members feelings to ensure the dog is feeling secure as the team dresses them up.


Your child is welcome to attend both days or just one day.

Please note: Tutors and therapy dogs will vary each day, therefore, your student will experience something different each day.


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