"I was introduced to Canine Comprehension because Sarah was my puppy trainer.  Young people in my programs are less anxious, more engaged with learning, school and peers through working with Canine Comprehension.  

I would recommend Canine Comprehension to others because they are professional, friendly, effective and amazing."

Rachael Scoble, Epping

"Canine Comprehension was recommended by another tutor.  Initially my daughter did not want to have anything to do with a tutor, she now looks forward to attending her sessions with Sarah and her dogs, she is disappointed if she has to miss a session!  Working with Canine Comprehension has been an amazing benefit to my daughter not only on an academic level but an emotional level as well. 

My daughter has been able to talk to Sarah, and Sarah is able to understand where my daughter is struggling with different issues. Sarah has also worked with my daughters school. Of course, the dogs always provide the additional comfort and my daughter looks forward to seeing them too.  

Good tutoring, emotional as well as academic support, ability to liaise with the school, ability to break down issued to make them more manageable and a lovely rapport with my daughter are all reasons why I would recommend Canine Comprehension to others."

​Vicki - Melbourne.