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Invest in Workplace Well-being for Impressive ROI!

We know caregivers face emotional and social challenges. Our team of highly qualified professionals offers understanding and compassionate guidance. Through our comprehensive and evidence-based sessions, we create a kind and supportive environment that empowers and refreshes caregivers.

Recent research reveals an ROI of $3 to $6 for each dollar invested in workplace well-being[i][ii]. Our program showcases significant outcomes, including a 25% decrease in absenteeism and a 41% decrease in workers' compensation costs, saving $5.81 for every $1 invested[i][ii].

Implementing health and well-being strategies reduces employee health risk factors by 56%[iii], fostering healthier, engaged employees. Prioritising well-being leads to five times more employee engagement[iv], creating a positive and productive work environment. Moreover, well-being programs improve working conditions and processes, reducing workplace accidents[v].

Discover the value of workplace well-being today for a thriving workplace!


Speaking Events

Keynote Speech (30 minutes) $660 inc GST
Therapy Dog Workshop (1 hour) $880 inc GST
Keynote & workshop $1400 inc GST
Keynote & therapy dog visit $1400 inc GST
Corporate Canines (8 sessions) $3788 inc GST

Therapy Dog Visits

Full Day - 1 Facilitator & 1 Therapy Dog $1550 inc GST
Full Day - 2 Facilitator & 2 Therapy Dog $3000 inc GST
Half day - 1 Facilitator & 1 Therapy Dog $850 inc GST

Cancellation policy

Scheduled appointments are expected to be kept.

For session cancellations, two weeks' notice is required. We will try to reschedule the session, and it will be forfeited if not possible.

To cancel a session, the school contact must email admin@caninecomprehension.com.au.

The booking confirmation is provided upon receiving session times. A 20% administration cancellation fee may apply if a booking is cancelled after receiving this email.

Late fees and further action

Outstanding accounts: After some time, unpaid debts may be transferred to debt recovery professionals or face legal action, incurring additional costs. Unpaid accounts may accrue further charges for interest, recovery, and legal expenses as awarded by the court.

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[iii] Benefits to business the evidence for investing in worker health and wellbeing
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