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Starting in the Industry

Are you looking at getting into our industry?

Discover the Power of Animal-Assisted Therapy with Expert Guidance!

Are you seeking valuable advice to embark on your animal-assisted therapy journey? We commend your interest in this life-changing approach, as it has profoundly impacted the Canine Comprehension team and, most importantly, our cherished clients.

To get started, we would like you to explore our website, especially the frequently asked questions section, which addresses many of your questions. Stay connected with us through our Facebook page, Instagram page, and our CEO's LinkedIn, where we share captivating photos, stories, and informative articles.

At Canine Comprehension Pty Ltd, we've poured our hearts, sweat, and tears into reaching this point of expertise. We value the significance of our knowledge and understand that sharing the secrets of our success requires a more in-depth approach than a simple phone call or email.

Mentoring Chat with Our CEO: We offer online consultations with our esteemed CEO for personalised guidance. At just $181, including GST per hour, you can benefit from her wealth of experience and insights. If you're ready to take the next step, simply click the "Book a Chat" link let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Invest in expert advice, and let us help you unleash the incredible potential of animal-assisted therapy in your life or organisation!