Starting in the Industry

Are you looking at getting into our industry?

Are you in the need of advice on where to start?

Good on you for looking at getting into animal assisted therapy, I can tell you that it has been life changing for the Canine Comprehension team but more importantly it is an absolute game changer for the clients.

Please take a close look at the website. Especially the frequently asked questions as we tend to answer many of the things that you may be looking for. We also suggest that you make sure you follow our Facebook page, Instagram page, and also our CEO on linkedIn as this is where we share tons of photos and stories about what we are up to and articles.

As you can imagine Canine Comprehension Pty Ltd has taken hard work, sweat and tears to get to this point. I’m sure you can appreciate that we are unable to give the secrets of a success away over a phone call or email.

Mentoring Chat with our CEO

However we do offer a consultation service based around your question: if you wish to book an online consultation with our CEO at $181 including GST per hour please contact us and we are happy to set something up, or click on the Book a Chat link below.