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Meet Sarah, River and Ness from Canine Comprehension

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Fantastic program. Jovana was outstanding at exploring strategies to reduce anxiety, whilst holding the girls' emotional wellbeing and then returning back to a group situation.

- Secondary School SWC - Yarra / Darebin

Strategies to reduce anxiety

I have found the team at Canine Comprehension flexible and easy to work with to ensure their programs are effective for our participating schools and their students. Teachers from participating schools have identified improvements in mindset, participation, and behavioural incidents amongst their participating students, with many students also demonstrating improvements in their problem solving and risk taking ability, which will assist them as they transition into secondary school.

Sarah and Reef have provided a welcoming space and a perfect motivator to participate, with students more engaged in their education, contributing to improved attendance.

Knox City Council

The best thing about this program is creating a network of friends who I know struggle in a similar way to me.

- Student, Year 11 - Yarra/Darebin

Met new friends

Mini with Victor were as always profession and friendly. Children were able to follow clear directions and were introduce to safety around dogs and Mini ascertained their level of comfort. This week we were able to go into the library with Victor and the children to choose books. Everything is on track and going well. Thank you

Melton City Library - Melton Branch

'The  best  thing  about  this  program is that it calmed me down and helped me to feel  less  anxious.  I felt very stressed  a  lot  of  the time before I started  this  program.'

- Student,  Year  11  – Yarra/Darebin

Helped me to feel  less  anxious

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