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I Joined The Mentor Movement.

Hi, My name is Mini.

I was an educator, passionate about helping children and frustrated with all the paper work required, producing evaluation reports and then having to evaluate the evaluations.  

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed.  

All I wanted to do was work with my kids in the classroom, inspiring a love of learning in them.

When I discovered Canine Comprehension, it was like my prayers had been answered.  My immediate thought was, "Is this possible, can my dream job really exist?" 

Turns out.... It does.... I'm no longer stressed, I love going to work every day with my best friend and I'm truly fulfilled in the work I get to do helping children to reengage with their learning.

Join The Mentor Movement - A New Breed of Educators in 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Download Information Pack to book in for your Compatibility Conversation

  2. Deep Dive into Animal Assisted Learning Theory (two weeks - Online)

  3. Join The Pawsitively Perfect Dog Training Course to teach your dog what they need to know (Online)!

  4. Practical Application of your new skills through Face-To-Face Learning (4 days)

  5. Reflective Learning - Reminisce over your growth as a new team 

  6. You & Your Dog Celebrate having achieved your Dog Assisted Learning Certification!

Then, after successful completion…. It’s time for your Induction as a Canine Comprehension Mentor…..So you can start Working with Your Canine Companion…. Truly Making A Difference in Young People's Lives!

As a Canine Comprehension Mentor, you’ll leave all the parts of your job that you dislike behind, including but not limited to….

  • No more mundane meetings, 
  • No more grading assignments, 
  • No more unnecessary reporting 
  • No more repetitive record-keeping
  • No more irrelevant curriculum content
  • No more UNREALISTIC expectations on how much you can do in one day

Just you and your dog making a difference in the lives of young people. 

You will walk straight into your dream job by completing this training.

Enjoy the flexibility and autonomy without having to do any work to find clients.

Design your career and life the way you want it! 

Fill out the form below to download your Information Pack and learn more about what's possible.

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