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Ever wondered what it takes to become a mentor with Canine Comprehension?

Ever wondered what it takes to become a mentor with Canine Comprehension?

For many educators, social workers, and allied health professionals, the daily grind of paperwork and evaluations can leave them yearning for a career that truly ignites their passion. They envision waking up each morning with excitement, eager to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children, all while working alongside their furry companion. At Canine Comprehension, this dream becomes a reality for our mentors.

Former educators, social workers, and allied health professionals, once weighed down by administrative tasks, have found a renewed sense of purpose upon certifying their dogs with Canine Comprehension and joining our team. But what exactly does it entail to become part of this team?

First, individuals submit their resume, cover letter, and details about their dog, followed by an online panel interview. Upon successful completion of the interview process, they embark on their certification training journey*.

This starts with dog training, led by Heidi from Dogmanship Australia, our professional dog trainer and behaviour specialist, who equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to shape their dogs into safe, happy therapy dogs. Heidi's hands-on experience and tailored programs ensure that both the handler and the dog understand their roles effectively.

When selecting and training potential doggie staff members, we prioritise specific personality and fitness traits to ensure our working dogs are well-suited. We are looking for dogs with calm and gentle temperaments, as they will work closely with children experiencing anxiety or other emotional challenges. Additionally, we look for dogs that are friendly, sociable, and enjoy interacting with people of all ages. Adaptability is also crucial, as therapy dogs will encounter various environments and situations within the school setting. From a fitness perspective, we aim for dogs that are in good overall health, with sufficient energy levels to engage in therapy sessions while remaining calm and focused when needed. Heidi will also teach individuals about the importance of regular exercise and mental stimulation, which are key factors in maintaining our therapy dogs' physical and mental well-being. Overall, we seek dogs that possess a combination of temperament traits and physical fitness that align with the demands of their role in providing support and comfort to students and a fun and happy working partner for our mentors.

Next comes practical application, where individuals participate in four-day, face-to-face learning sessions amidst the serene scenery of Mansfield, Victoria. These sessions offer education and an opportunity to bond with their furry companions in a tranquil setting. Working closely with their dogs, participants learn specific dog training methods, improve classroom management techniques, and find their authentic voice as facilitators of our programs.

Upon completion of the training, individuals are inducted as Canine Comprehension Mentors, receiving the resources, guidance, and encouragement they need to thrive in their new profession. Transitioning to a career as a mentor may seem daunting, but with Canine Comprehension's support and connection, individuals can build their skills and become successful mentors. Therapy dog training does have associated costs, but financial concerns are addressed with a variety of payment plans to suit any budget, ensuring that individuals can earn and learn simultaneously.

Are you interested in joining our team - Click here to begin your journey with Canine Comprehension and discover a career that energises and fulfills you.

*If a candidate already holds a Therapy Dog Handler certification, this process can be fast-tracked.