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Attention Educators & Professionals Outside Victoria,

Elevate Your Impact: Join Our Canine Comprehension Team

Are you intrigued by the success of Dog Assisted Learning and our award-winning Canine Comprehension programs in Victoria? We are delighted to announce that we are researching the viability of operating in other Australian states.

The Possibilities Await:

  • Proven Dog Assisted Learning Curriculum & Workbooks
  • Evidence-Based Teaching Guides
  • Professional development combining Dog Psychology & Best Teaching Practices

Leverage Our Expertise: As the proud owners of Canine Comprehension's Intellectual Property, school programs, workbooks, procedures, and business manuals, we are ready to discuss employment opportunities outside Victoria.

We value your input as we work on expansion. To ensure we create the perfect opportunity for potential employees, we kindly invite interested parties to complete the survey below. Your valuable insights will shape the future of this innovative initiative.