How We Help

How we help

Some children have a hard time at school and can struggle with their learning and friendships as a result. Canine Comprehension uses best practice methodology to support the emotional health and well-being of young people. 

Through weekly attendance young people build an 'emotional toolkit' and have the skills and strength to feel more positive about themselves, their community and school. The presence of a therapy dog can make awkward or tough conversations a little easier because the focus is not on the students. As a result, your child feels less anxious, more in control of their emotions, and has made some new friends.

Our focus is to:

  • Help them discuss their worries about learning
  • Learn more about possible triggers
  • Learn strategies and develop confidence in managing them
  • Practice mindfulness techniques
  • Assist young people to develop interpersonal and social skills, manage their own emotions and develop empathy for others, enabling better connections in their learning environment.

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What Our Clients Say

I decided I needed an English tutor for extra help during year 12.  Having a tutor allowed me to have a second perspective on what I was learning at school.  I also decided I needed a tutor as one on one lessons would further my understanding on subjects as a teacher with 23 other students could not.

My lessons with Sarah were usually an hour long and we would do multiple tasks to assist with what I was learning in class.  We created a 'vocab bank' to demonstrate a larger vocabulary and I would write down objectives and ways to begin sentences alternatively.  We would look at essay writing by myself and other students and I learnt how to write higher quality essays.  We would plan essays and continue to edit other essays I had previously written.

In our lessons we would also find background information on characters in the novels I was studying and use that insight to fully grasp an understanding of the texts.  The notes taken during our lessons would be emailed to me so I could look over it during the week when I studied.

Through tutoring I was able to greatly improve my marks.  Having a second person who has a vested interest in my education helped me to achieve higher.  I learnt how to think about ideas for myself instead of just resighting what my class mates and teacher has said.

The lessons would act as a revision and due to that I found that revising was mush easier to do when you have structure in your planning.  As the year went on I found an interest in what I was learning and I was more driven to achieve the highest mark possible.

I would highly recommend Sarah as a tutor for anyone who has a little self doubt.  Sarah has the ability to bring out the best in you.

- Brianna - VCE Student

Highly recommend