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How We Help

How We Help Individuals

A typical timeline consists of 50-minute weekly sessions, although alternative schedule options are available.

Interactions with the therapy dogs and mentors at Canine Comprehension have radically transformed our young clients. At Canine Comprehension, we believe in the power of these interactions to bring about positive changes in individuals' lives. Our therapy dogs and mentors serve as catalysts for growth, learning, and emotional resilience, enabling individuals to thrive in both their cognitive and emotional journeys.

Individualised learning goals guide our focus and often cover:

Addressing Learning Concerns: We provide a supportive space for individuals to address their learning concerns, helping them better understand their unique challenges.

Identifying worries: Through insightful interactions, we assist individuals in identifying the triggers that may hinder their learning and emotional well-being.

Developing Confidence and Coping Strategies: We empower individuals to develop confidence and effective coping strategies to overcome obstacles and setbacks.

Mindfulness Techniques: We introduce age-appropriate mindfulness techniques that promote self-awareness, emotional regulation, and well-being.

Improving Interpersonal and Social Skills: Our programs emphasise improving interpersonal and social skills, emotional management, and cultivating empathy. These skills are essential for forging more vital and more meaningful connections in learning and beyond.

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