School Mental Health Fund

School Mental Health Menu to fund animal assisted therapy

Schools will soon be able to use the new $200 million School Mental Health Fund for Canine Comprehension programs. 

The Victorian Budget 2021-22 is investing a dedicated $277 million in new support for schools, ensuring mental health and wellbeing is a core part of a student's experience at school.

Canine Comprehension has been approached by The Hon James Merlino MP Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Minister for Mental Health to register our services, which we completed in August 2021.

We look forward to working with schools that will now have the financial means to use our services on an ongoing basis.

Letter-From-the-Hon-James-Merlino-MP.pdf Letter-From-the-Hon-James-Merlino-MP.pdf (238kB)

Canine Comprehension will be included on the Schools Mental Health Fund Interim Menu

This will give schools the financial means and confidence to choose our programs, as they have been independently, professionally and positively evaluated by University of Melbourne and Department of Education.

What is Schools Mental Health Fund? A state government initiative that includes $218 million budget allowing schools to select and implement mental health and wellbeing programs that best meet the needs of their students

Why is the menu important? The Menu will be publicly released in September 2021 and is designed to give schools confidence in purchasing programs and interventions that will meet their students’ mental health and wellbeing needs.

What does the menu mean for CC? The Department of Education and Training commissioned the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Program Evaluation to independently develop item descriptions and assess the evidence for each menu item for the interim Menu. Canine Comprehension's programs have been researched and evaluated by the University of Melbourne’s evaluators, who have prepared a description of our programs and determined the evidence level.

Schools-Mental-Health-Fund-and-Menu_factsheet.pdf Schools-Mental-Health-Fund-and-Menu_factsheet.pdf (1MB)