Dogs in schools programs

School Programs:  Our inclusions are delivered to support small groups of young people struggling with a connection at school and learning readiness. We have a series of programs that focus on specific needs, however, all programs aim to promote a positive educational learning space within the school. 

Who are the programs for? We successfully engage students P-12 who have a broad spectrum of needs and personalities.  We welcome special needs schools and adapt curricula to support their needs.

What do we do: Each program has specific learning criteria, workbooks, mindfulness resources and a rigorous evaluation process. 

How many students: Each program booked works with the same group of 8-10 students for 50 minutes per week (or a flexible version) for 8 weeks in the term. We will work with you to accommodate the school's needs if a flexible version is required.

Where and when are programs held: In consultation with your school, we will find the best time and location to fit with the school and students' needs.  We usually require a classroom-sized space, where tables can be moved and access to an outside area.  

We expect: Permission forms to be submitted to the tutor via the school by week 2 of the program at the latest. A school representative is to be present in each session. Invoices are paid in a timely fashion.