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Getting to Know Our Therapy Dog Teams: Lauren & Neo

Getting to Know Our Therapy Dog Teams: Lauren & Neo

Allow us to introduce Neo, the beautiful, gentle Great Dane, and his devoted owner, Lauren—a fun and friendly team whose presence brings comfort, joy, and a sense of belonging to the school communities they visit.

Neo, with his towering stature and gentle disposition, is a steadfast companion to those needing comfort and reassurance. Alongside him is Lauren, a warm and empathetic mentor with extensive experience in community development and empowerment programs. With a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice and a passion for sharing stories to connect people, Lauren brings a trauma-informed approach and deep empathy to her work.

Together, Neo and Lauren form a formidable team dedicated to serving others. Neo's completion of therapy dog training and his volunteer work with Delta Therapy Dogs reflect his commitment to positively impacting the lives of individuals in need. Lauren's extensive experience working with diverse communities and her recent academic achievements further underscore her dedication to empowering individuals and fostering connections.

When not engaged in their therapy dog duties, Neo and Lauren cherish their time together, whether exploring the beach or honing their bond through training in Rally Obedience. Lauren's love for nature and her passion for nurturing her vegetable garden and embarking on hikes around Melbourne further enrich their shared experiences.

Lauren's vision of sharing Neo's calming presence and uplifting spirit with others has become a reality through Canine Comprehension. Together, they bring Neo's calm and sometimes goofy nature to young people across Melbourne, spreading joy and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they encounter.

In Neo and Lauren, we have found not just a therapy dog and owner but a dedicated team whose compassion, kindness, and genuine care for others shine through in all they do. As they continue their journey with Canine Comprehension, we are grateful for the opportunity to witness the positive impact of their presence and the boundless joy they bring to our school community. With Neo leading the way and Lauren by his side, we look forward to spreading comfort, connection, and hope—one giant paw print at a time.

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