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Friendship & Responsibility

Session Focus

Learning Intention

My rights, my dog’s rights

Explore our Canine Comprehension mentor and their AAI dog, understand the program's purpose, and grasp our associated rights and responsibilities. Engage in self-reflection regarding our current emotions concerning school, emotional literacy, communication skills, and relationships with peers and the school community.

My responsibilities, my dog’s responsibilities

Explore the concept of responsibilities and identify both general and personal obligations. Understand that certain responsibilities might pose greater challenges but remain crucial for us to fulfil.

Looking after myself, looking after my dog

Explore the concept of self-care, recognise its significance, and discover effective strategies for nurturing our well-being.

How things can go wrong and what we can do about it

Explore the influence of our internal dialogue on our emotions and behaviours, and discover techniques to manage and control this self-talk effectively.

How can friendship help?

Engage in introspection about your friendships and their constructive influence on your well-being. Gain insight into the qualities of a supportive friend, the factors contributing to friendship challenges, and the dynamics that lead to friendship shifts.

Caring for others and Its impact on me

Discover various methods to care for one another and understand the emotional impact of these actions.

Receiving care from others and Its effect on me

Explore how others care for us and the emotions that arise from their acts of kindness.

Celebrating friendships

Explore the idea that changes in relationships bring new adventures and personal development. Engage in self-reflection to assess personal emotions related to friendships, peers and the school community. Culminate the program by evaluating personal growth across the sessions and identifying key takeaways.

A Success Story

Working with a child who has a moderate to severe intellectual disability

James attends a special development school and has a moderate to severe intellectual disability, paired with a rare genetic disorder which presents as severe episodes.

James has shown continued improvement in his emotional regulation and has been engaging in more programs on a regular basis. He is expressing himself using verbal language more consistently and often asks when he will be seeing the dog again.