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Transparent Operations: Accessible Documents for Clients & Stakeholders.

Working With Children's Checks

All staff hold a WWCC and can provide evidence when required.

Canine Comprehension ensures that its staff entering School premises: 
(i) have undertaken a satisfactory working with children check; and 
(ii) have met any additional relevant legal requirements and policies of the School  Council and/or School about the suitability of mentors to work with school children or within the precinct of the School.

Canine Comprehension acknowledges and agrees that Schools are committed to creating child-safe environments and protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, managing the risk of child abuse, providing support to a child at risk of child abuse and responding to incidents or allegations of child abuse in accordance with their legal obligations, including Child Safety Laws. 

Canine Comprehension acknowledges that the School Council and School Staff must comply with Child Safety Laws, the Ministerial Order and School Council Child  Safety Policies.  

Safety Statements

Legal Supervision: A Top Priority.

At Canine Comprehension, teacher presence and First Aid duties are non-negotiable. We work closely with schools to ensure a secure and enriching environment, upholding high standards for safety and well-being. Your students' care and security are our utmost concern.

Our Mentors are well-informed and have read the following compliance documents:

Canine Comprehension recognises that their service delivery is bound by the following policies deemed relevant by the Principal / Director of the school to the delivery of the  Services, on the basis that the Principal / Director provides these documents in written form at least 2 weeks before services commence (where necessary) an orientation and explanation is provided to the Supplier of  what is expected to conform to these policies: 
(i) Student Support Group Guidelines;  
(ii) Primary Welfare Officer Initiative Guidelines; 
(iii) Schoolcare Program Guidelines; 
(iv) Medical Intervention Support Guidelines;  
(v) The Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program (Primary  schools);  
(vi) Promoting Healthy Minds for Learning and Living (Victorian Mental Health Reform  Strategy);  
(vii) Protecting the safety and well-being of children and young people (protocol);  

(viii) A step-by-step guide to making a report to Child Protection or Child FIRST;

(ix) Guidelines for the management of student services files;  
(x) any of the School Council’s rules, regulations, protocols, procedures, by-laws and any other relevant information of which the Canine Comprehension has been notified. 

Dogs in Schools

Dogs in Schools - how can we manage it safely?

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