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Inclusion Statement

Inclusion Statement

Canine Comprehension is committed to creating a workplace and safe space for our clients where all members are welcomed, accepted and treated equitably and with respect regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes such as race, language, religious beliefs or disability so that they can participate, achieve and thrive in the activities we offer.

Canine Comprehension staff acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our community and we will not tolerate behaviours, language or practices that label, stereotype or demean others.

Canine Comprehension, in a commitment to inclusion, will:

  • ensure that all staff, clients and stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity
  • acknowledge and respond to the diverse needs, identities and strengths of all staff, clients and stakeholders
  • encourage empathy and fairness towards others
  • challenge stereotypes that promote prejudicial and biased behaviours and practices
  • contribute to positive learning, engagement and well-being outcomes for staff, clients and stakeholders

Accommodation of students with disabilities

Canine Comprehension also understands that it has a special obligation to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with disabilities. A reasonable adjustment is a measure or action taken to assist all students to participate in their education on the same basis as their peers. Reasonable adjustments will be made for students with disabilities through our discussions with stakeholders, staff meetings and consultation with the client themselves.