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Judges Comments - Stevie Awards

Judges Comments - Stevie Awards

The following are all judges' comments on Sarah's entry. They have not been edited or curated in any way:

What a wonderful idea - better yet - you were able to execute on it brilliantly. Thank you for your work.

An interesting and exciting concept which is clearly impacting positively on the lives of young people. It is a pity there isn't specific data re the last year.

Entry has wonderful information about the company, but nothing specific about the nominee's accomplishments. Leave me wondering if the nominee is responsible for the company's achievements or if the nominee only hired great people who are the ones deserving of awards.

Interesting, new generation with new patterns. Keep up the good work.

You make me proud to be an Aussie! Wish we were close enough for my teen to attend your classes. You are amazing. Fantastic story, well told. I especially love the video.

Sarah is doing amazing work improving children's futures.

I love the entire business and results! So inspiring!

Important work - dogs and mindfulness in the classroom. Creative way to help at risk kids to learn.

The field you selected is really necessary for any country, because Children's are the next future. It need lot of patience and innovation methodologies to train. Good luck..