Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

Our tailored individual programs will provide measurable outcomes

Download a copy of our Brochure below

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Our one on one tutoring allows students the opportunity to engage with our AAE (Animal Assisted Education) dog and our tutor during weekly sessions.  During these sessions the tutor works through pre-determined learning goals while building a relationship of respect and trust with the tutor/ dog team.  This relationship goes a long way with helping the young person overcome mental blocks, limiting beliefs and anxiety about learning. The students can express themselves and reveal more about their thoughts and feelings while building confidence in their abilities and passion for their education.

What does a private session involve:

  • Teaching mindfulness and wellness
  • Effective study or learning techniques
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Regulation and understanding of their emotions
  • Working on predetermined individual learning goals, these goals are decided upon by the teacher, parent/ case worker- so the tutor knows what learning goals they are addressing and reporting on

Our sessions are:

  • Engaging and motivating
  • Designed to create a space where open discussions can be held
  • The opportunity to reach educational goals

Expected outcomes:

  • Student becomes calmer
  • Begin to understand their feelings and how to regulate them
  • Grow confidence
  • Understand empathy towards their peers, friends and family
  • Achieve educational goals

Our tutors:

  • Will continue to assess and offer feedback after each session
  • Can adjust the sessions as the student grows and develops
  • Ensures the student are reaching educational goals and milestones
  • Will provide an in-depth report at the end of the term/ program (upon request)
  • Will teach according to the current curriculum supplied by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Are highly trained and qualified

How do I book?

Individual tutoring is $200.00 per session (inc. GST)

We will book the student in for the entire school term, either once or twice a week.

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We understand that there are times when the young person must miss an appointment due to emergencies or other obligations.  

To avoid cancellation fees Canine Comprehension requires a minimum of 12 hours notice.  It is the responsibility of the agency representing the client to contact Canine Comprehension within this time window to avoid being charged.  Should the appointment not be cancelled within this time frame, full fees apply to the unused session. 

The client or representative must fill in the document via this link with 12 or more hours notice.

The client will receive an email confirming the cancellation has been received.  We will endeavour to reschedule during that same week where possible. If 12 hours notice is not given the session will be forfeited.

For Canine Comprehension to be able to build a trusting relationship with our clients and provide maximum benefit from our sessions our bookings are ongoing.  A client will need to submit a cancellation of ongoing services by contacting us. This must be done 5 days prior to the cancellation of ongoing services. 

If a client wishes to re-engage with our services they will be placed on our waiting list, which is subject to tutor availability.  We cannot promise that tutoring will commence straight away or be allocated the same time and day previously scheduled.

If a young person is late for their scheduled appointment, the missed time will be forfeited. If a student arrives more than 30 minutes late the tutor is unable to begin that session.

Clients will be charged at the commencement of the service unless otherwise agreed.  

Change Request

Fill in the form via this link to submit a change request.

Clients can ask for quotes at any time.

If you would like to get the process started, please read the below documents and fill in the form. We will then be in contact shortly after you've submitted your details.

What Students Say About Individual Tutoring

"I decided I needed an English tutor for extra help during year 12.  having a tutor allowed me to have a second perspective on what I was learning at school.  I also decided I needed a tutor as one on one lessons would further my understanding on subjects as a teacher with 23 other students could not.

My lessons with Sarah were usually an hour long and we would do multiple tasks to assist with that i was learning in class.  We created a 'vocab bank' to demonstrate a larger vocabulary and I would write down objectives and ways to begin sentences alternatively.  We would look as essay writing by myself and other students and I learnt how to write higher quality essays.  We would plan essays and continue to edit other essays I has previously written.

In our lessons we would also find background information on characters in the novels I was studying and use that insight to fully grasp an understanding on the texts.  The notes taken during our lessons would be emailed to me so I could look over it during the week when I studied.

Through tutoring I was able to greatly improve my marks.  Having a second person who has a vested interest in my education helped me to achieve higher.  I learnt how to think about ideas for myself instead of just resighting what my class mates and teacher has said.

The lessons would act as a revision and due to that I found that revising was mush easier to do when you have structure in your planning.  As the year went on I found an interest in what I was learning and I was more driven to achieve the 
highest mark possible.

I would highly recommend Sarah as a tutor for anyone who has a little self doubt.  Sarah has the ability to bring out the best in you."

Biranna - VCE Student

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